Financial Planning for You & Your Family

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My goal is to help you find creative solutions to reach your financial goals & cover your risks for the best value.

So together, we’ll look at your specific financial goals, understand what’s important to you, and find some creative solutions that will help make it easier to reach those goals and get more out of your hard-earned money.

This may include a combination of cash & asset management solutions, tax planning, estate planning, risk management & insurance solutions, optimizing benefits through your small business, maximizing benefits from government programs and other solutions that may be appropriate to meet your specific needs.

Losing your ability to earn income is the biggest risk to your family’s quality of life.

So covering that risk is a very important part of a financial plan that will help you get through some of life’s unexpected challenges.

For major illness and inability to work you’ll need a plan to cover the following, and preferably in a tax-efficient way so you don’t lose more of your savings on paying higher taxes.  Expenses can include:

  • Covering your minimum obligations so you can avoid losing your home (mortgage or rent)
  • Paying for potential increases in medical and non-medical expenses
  • Replacing loss of income and bridge any gaps from employer disability income
  • Meeting debt and other financial obligations
  • Support recovery back to good health
  • Maintain lifestyle needs for the rest of the children/family
  • Continue saving for children’s education & your retirement plan

In the case of premature death of one of the parents, you will need to:

  • Cover your minimum obligations so you can avoid losing your home (mortgage or rent)
  • Support dependents & cover potential increased living expenses (for surviving parent/caregiver)
  • Meet debt and other financial obligations
  • Pay final expenses & final taxes
  • Cover estate taxes due on deemed disposition of assets
  • Leave money to children or grandchildren to help them as they build their future
  • Leave a gift to charity with optimized tax benefit to the estate

Our Process

  • Establishing our client-advisor engagement.

  • Determining your goals and expectations.

  • Clarifying your present situation and identifying any shortfalls, issues or opportunities.

  • Reviewing & selecting options to cover your needs

  • Implementation

  • Monitoring your plan and making adjustments if necessary.

Information on protecting your family’s future and ideas on saving taxes

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