How an Insurance Audit can help you save money & taxes

Many people get insurance because they know they need it, some try to understand what they're getting, and most don't remember the terms of their plans even after only a short while. Just like any financial plan, an annual or periodic review of your insurance plans can help make sure your plan still fits your needs. More importantly, this review is necessary to help save money and taxes and avoid getting surprised at your time of need.

How insurance for your children helps them now & in the future

Aside from the fact that it's cheap, here are the best reasons why you need to get life and critical illness insurance for your children... and how it can help them tremendously as they grow up.

Is the Life Insurance Industry in Canada Stable?

Insurance is one of the most closely regulated industries in Canada. Unlike the United States, in Canada there is a government organization that supervises all of the federally incorporated and foreign insurers to ensure that these companies operate in a prudent manner.