What the Wealthy Know about Life Insurance

If you have ever thought that life insurance was something you wouldn’t need after you reached a certain level of financial security, you might be interested in knowing why many wealthy individuals still carry large amounts of insurance. Consider the following:

The Benefits of Converting Your Term Insurance to a Permanent Plan

Permanent life insurance can be a very effective estate planning & tax saving tool for your family and business. Converting an existing term insurance to permanent is an easy way to get that permanent coverage - and with the tax rules changing Jan 2017, you get a lot more tax-free benefits if you convert this year.

Understanding your life insurance options

Most people would agree that life insurance is an integral part of any comprehensive financial plan. The question is how to decide on the best type for your needs. This document can help you understand the different types of insurance options and how to select the type of plan that best suits your needs for coverage.

Whole Life – A Whole new Investment Class

The recent developments in investment markets and the volatile performance that has resulted have brought about a new appeal to an old workhorse. For investors looking for a diversification in their investment portfolio and a more tax efficient fixed income investment alternative, a compelling argument can be made for the use of Whole Life Insurance.

How an Insurance Audit can help you save money & taxes

Many people get insurance because they know they need it, some try to understand what they're getting, and most don't remember the terms of their plans even after only a short while. Just like any financial plan, an annual or periodic review of your insurance plans can help make sure your plan still fits your needs. More importantly, this review is necessary to help save money and taxes and avoid getting surprised at your time of need.

Is the Life Insurance Industry in Canada Stable?

Insurance is one of the most closely regulated industries in Canada. Unlike the United States, in Canada there is a government organization that supervises all of the federally incorporated and foreign insurers to ensure that these companies operate in a prudent manner.

CBC Marketplace: In Denial

An independent CBC special about mortgage insurance from the bank.