Leave a Financial Legacy for your family and less taxes for the government

If your plans involve doing well financially and leaving an inheritance for future generations, look at using life insurance to transfer wealth tax-free. This would seem preferable to leaving a big chunk of your hard earned money for the government. It also protects your money from probate and claims or "challenges" made to your Will.

How to pay less taxes when you withdraw from your RRSP or RRIF (at retirement)

It‘s been said that one of the best tax-savings tools is also one of least known, least understood, and most under-utilized financial instruments (yes, that’s the Annuity).

How to select Mortgage Insurance that gives you more benefits

See how getting your own coverage gives you & your family more benefits compared to getting Mortgage Insurance from your lender.

4 Simple Steps that Can Help You Catch Up & Grow Your Retirement Savings

Do you wonder if you can ever retire or you'll be like the many older Canadians who are still dealing with high levels of debt? Here are some simple steps that you can take now to help you grow your retirement savings.

Six “Other Ways” to increase your income (or making extra money without needing to work excessive overtime)

When you talk about saving money for your retirement, for a special vacation or for your rainy day fund, most people automatically think of ways to reduce spending. There are however, 2 ways to balance a budget - reduce spending or increase earnings. For most people, talk of earning extra money means working overtime or getting another job. That can sometimes cost you more if you overextend yourself and get sick or too stressed out. This article talks about some other ways to increase your income (or cash) that may not-be-so-obvious or may not be top of mind.