Creative Risk Management Planning for your Business

Many would agree that two of the greatest risks to the sustainability of a business are: not having enough money to keep the company going in times of lower income, and losing the ability to make money. Here are some essential tax-savings & risk management strategies to keep your business going during medical emergencies, save you taxes and leave more money in your pocket.

Pay Attention to Your Beneficiary Designation

Naming a beneficiary is a valuable feature of life insurance and segregated funds policies so it is important to carefully choose your beneficiaries.

A Tax Savings Solution Using a Corporate Health Plan

The small business corporate tax rates can be quite a bit lower than an individual's income tax rates, especially as you take more money out of your company. So you can usually save taxes by using of corporate dollars whenever possible. Here's one great idea using your corporation to save on taxes - while also reducing the risk of health issues affecting the sustainability of your company.

Beyond Tax-Savings: The Benefits of an Estate Bond for your Estate Beneficiaries

This financial planning strategy replaces your taxable investments with tax-free insurance benefits to your heirs, by-passing your estate and probate fees and keeps this portion of your legacy gifts private.

What are your risks of paying higher taxes in an emergency?

Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn income. What are the chances of you being unable to work due to accident or illness? What about the risk of paying higher taxes if you're relying on withdrawing RRSPs for additional monies required - to pay for extra medical and non-medical expenses? What about if you have to get extra help or your family has to reduce work hours to help you out?

Estate Planning for Real Estate Investors

For many Canadians the majority of their wealth is held in personally owned real estate. For most this will be limited to their principal residence, however, investment in recreational and real estate investment property also forms a substantial part of some estates. Due to the nature of real estate, it is important to utilize estate planning to realize optimum gain and minimize tax implications.



Critical Illness: Are you Protected?

Medical practitioners today will confirm that the lower your stress levels the better the chances for your recovery. When one is ill with a serious illness, having one less thing to deal with, such as financial worry, can only be beneficial. Your Life Could Change in a Minute!

The Cost of Taxes to your Bottom Line & the Value of Planning with Tax-free options

Have you looked at how much difference tax-free options can make to your bottom line? Aside from a TFSA, do you know other tax-free options there are available for your savings, investments, and retirement funds?

How insurance for your children helps them now & in the future

Aside from the fact that it's cheap, here are the best reasons why you need to get life and critical illness insurance for your children... and how it can help them tremendously as they grow up.