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Financial Planning at any Age

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Having a financial plan provides a road map to your financial well-being.

Having your plan periodically reviewed & updated ensures it stays current to meet your evolving needs and is aligned with life’s changes.

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Needs vary as we go through different life stages. For example, needs and priorities may include:

Starters (age 21 to 34 – finishing school or starting on career path):

    • to pay off student & other debts, establish an emergency fund, or to save for a major purchase such as a first home.

Builders (age 35 to 44 – may have kids and own a home):

    • to provide for dependents, repay mortgage and debts, save for children’s education, ensure families are financially provided for in event of death or disability.

Accumulators (age 45 to 54 – may be progressing in their career and/or have grown young adult children):

    • to save for all stages of retirement, reduce current & future income tax, to avoid creating a burden to family in case of major illness.

Accelerators (age 55 to 64 – may be preparing for retirement):

    • to re-align and ramp up retirement savings if required, reduce taxes & expenses as you move closer to retirement, ensure adequate provision for living and health care expenses of surviving spouse in the event of death of one spouse.

Preservers (age 65+ may be retired and still active):

    • to live comfortably in retirement, minimize tax in transferring assets to the next generation, provide for final expenses and taxes, and simplify estate settlement for the family.

Our Process

  • Establishing our client-advisor engagement

  • Determining your goals and expectations

  • Clarifying your present situation and identifying any shortfalls, issues or opportunities

  • Reviewing & selecting options to cover your needs

  • Implementation

  • Monitoring your plan and making adjustments if necessary

Financial Planning Articles of Interest

CPA Canada Financial Literacy Free Workshops

The CPA Canada Financial Literacy Program offers free workshops (delivered by approved CPA volunteers) for adults, entrepreneurs, children and new Canadians - with a mission “to deliver unbiased objective financial literacy education & information to improve the overall state of financial literacy in Canada”.

A Group Workshop: Early Retirement Planning for Nurses & MPP (Pension Plan) Members

Learn some tax-efficient ways to supplement your early retirement pension while doing what you love.

Creative Retirement Planning - My Personal Example

Here's a personal example of my creative retirement plan that has me using what I love to do (travel) to support the life that I want to live - without taking on another JOB!

A Different Perspective on Teaching your Children to be Empowered about Money

Parents who believe that it’s important to teach children “about money” know that this is an important part of helping them be successful in life. Many however find it difficult because they think their children are too young and/or not interested, and they themselves are too busy with life in general. In reality, you are continually teaching them because they learn more from what you do than what you say.

Video: A Different Perspective on Early Retirement Planning for Nurses

A video for Nurses on the MPP (pension plan) who want to retire early. It provides a different perspective to make up the difference between the early retirement pension and full pension - through tax-efficient solutions that reduce taxes and help avoid claw backs of government credits!

Video: A Different Perspective on Retirement Planning for Professional Women

A video about a different perspective on retirement planning for professional women who've been too busy to plan for their retirement, or are just tired of the same old, same old financial advice.

Workshop: A Different Perspective on Early Retirement Planning for Nurses

Why the focus on Nurses? Primarily because from what I've seen of your pension plan, many of you will have good pension income when you retire. Many of you also work overtime which can leave you exhausted and at a higher tax bracket - so a lot of that extra money you've earned just goes to paying extra taxes. So how do you retire early when you know you'll be getting a reduced pension? By finding tax-efficient ways to cover that gap to reduce taxes and avoid claw backs of government pension!

The Benefits of Converting Your Term Insurance to a Permanent Plan

Permanent life insurance can be a very effective estate planning & tax saving tool for your family and business. Converting an existing term insurance to permanent is an easy way to get that permanent coverage - and with the tax rules changing Jan 2017, you get a lot more tax-free benefits if you convert this year.

Creative Retirement Planning Workshop for Professional Women

Tired of every other financial advisor just moving your money from one investment to another and telling you to stop buying your favorite coffee? When you work with me, we'll first look at your vision of your ideal life at retirement, then explore different financial solutions to help you use doing what you love to save on taxes so you can keep more of your hard-earned money!

Canada Pension Plan – Should You Take it Early?

The new rules governing CPP were introduced in 2012 and they take full effect in 2016. The standard question regarding CPP remains the same - should I take it early or wait? We outline the reasons to take your CPP early or delay your CPP in this article.

Creative Risk Management Planning for your Business

Many would agree that two of the greatest risks to the sustainability of a business are: not having enough money to keep the company going in times of lower income, and losing the ability to make money. Here are some essential tax-savings & risk management strategies to keep your business going during medical emergencies, save you taxes and leave more money in your pocket.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

In today’s family it is not unusual for spouses to enter the marriage with children from previous relationships. Parents work hard at getting these children to functionally blend together to create a happy family environment. Often overlooked is what happens on the death of one of the parents. In most cases special consideration for estate planning is needed to avoid relationship loss and possibly legal action. Your Life Could Change in a Minute!
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